Charter School Governance Board

Stephen Foster Elementary Charter School Governance Board

Stephen Foster Elementary Charter School is a small, diverse and close knit elementary school providing our students ample opportunity for individual attention and personal growth.  As a public charter school, Stephen Foster Elementary Charter School is afforded greater flexibility in how we meet the needs of our students as we educate them towards mastery of skills and content while ensuring attainment of all public education standards. At Foster, flexibility is evident in the Fountas and Pinnell Classroom curriculum utilized in K-4th grade, Reading and Writing Units of Study implemented in 4th-6th grade as well as a focus on Global Studies in 5th and 6th.  


The current English Language Arts curricula supports the emphasis Foster places on developing their students as future global leaders.  Because this emphasis is unique to Stephen Foster Elementary Charter School, leadership qualities exemplified in students are celebrated through monthly grade level recognition.  In addition, grade-level service projects enable our students to build leadership qualities through projects that address community needs and/or concerns.


Increased flexibility, however, is accompanied by increased accountability.  Monitoring the success of  curriculum implementation on student achievement, making decisions regarding budget allocations, and general oversight of Foster’s activities occur as a result of the governance of the Stephen Foster Elementary Charter School Governance Board. The Charter School Board is comprised of parent and community representatives, as well as staff members. All parents are invited to attend the monthly meetings.  Dates and times are publicized prior to each meeting.


Stephen Foster Elementary Charter School Board members serve terms for one year, beginning July 1. New members are accepted throughout the year and we welcome interest from all parents, staff and community members!

If you have any questions, please contact President Susie Buche:

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Governing Board meetings are scheduled once every other month during the school year with committee meetings are on the opposite months as needed. All are welcome to attend.

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Meeting Agendas

11-9-2021 Charter Board Meeting Agenda

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11-9-2021 Charter Board Meeting Minutes

10-12-2021 Charter Board Meeting Minutes

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1-12-2021 Charter Board Meeting Minutes

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8-11-2020 Charter Board Meeting Minutes

3-10-2020 Charter Board Meeting Minutes

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