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Foster School Collage



Stephen Foster Elementary Charter School creates partnerships among students, staff, parents and community members to serve a diverse population of learners comprised of neighborhood and open enrolled students in grades PK-6.


Stephen Foster Elementary Charter School develops independent learners who: honor diversity; show respect for themselves, others, and the environment; and seek to use their unique strengths to lead efforts to improve the world around them.

Message from the Principal

Welcome to Stephen Foster Elementary Charter School!

Foster is a small, diverse, and close-knit elementary school that provides our students with ample opportunities for individual attention and personal growth. We focus on developing the skills and knowledge our students will need to become Global Leaders in their communities.

Our school develops partnerships among students, staff, parents, and community members to serve a diverse population of learners in grades PK-5. Our academic programming, extra-curricular experiences, staff-sponsored clubs, and strong community partnerships align with our Charter goal of developing global leaders. The themes of diversity, leadership, civil engagement, kindness, and compassion are central to our mission.

At Foster, we strive to develop global leaders through the following components of our educational program:

  • Flexible, personalized, high-quality instruction.
  • Proactive, ongoing, systematic assessments to guide instruction and evaluate student progress.
  • Opportunities for student service projects that enrich classroom instruction and promote civic engagement.
  • Respect for diversity by promoting and celebrating different cultures, values, and beliefs.
  • Strength-based career exploration that helps students identify their talents and exposes them to a variety of career opportunities.
  • A whole-child approach to education that includes partnerships with community health organizations to ensure all children can access medical and dental care.

Our dedicated staff at Stephen Foster Elementary Charter School make a difference in their students' lives every day by emphasizing each child's strengths. Let our staff help your students find their passion and gain the confidence to use that passion to become global leaders! Please feel free to reach out with any questions (920) 852-5470.


Kelsi Van Fossen